Monday, January 16, 2012

Bag Lady: Loewe Year of the Dragon Amazona

I'm kinda torn between loving the early arrival of CNY this year and giving me some time off next week and hating that because Chinese New Year is next week, we won't have any public holidays in Feb and March. Also, the fact that it's only been a few weeks since Christmas is making me all sorts of behind in preparing for CNY. Case in point, my Christmas decorations are still up as the poinsettia is still thriving and I can't justify throwing a living plant away just coz CNY is coming up. Anyway, before I keep rambling on, the whole point of this Bag Lady is to show you the gorgeous Loewe Limited Edition Amazona created for the Year of the Dragon. The signature padlock has been issued in the shape of the dragon and is the perfect shade of red, not too flashy or gaudy. With CNY being the time to wear new clothes and what not, isn't this the perfect excuse to shop?

The Amazona Handbag retails at HKD21,850, the Amazona 28 at HKD17,900 and wallet is at HKD8,850.

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