Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been a looong time coming, and we've been hearing rumours that Forever 21 was due to land in Hong Kong for god knows how many years. A couple years back I heard that they were coming in and taking over the spot held by Franc Franc in Causeway Bay; late last year I was told it was four floors of Times Square. The fast-fashion behemoth has at long last staked its claim to a retail space, and if you track the trail of bright-yellow plastic shopping bags that flow from the belly of the beast on the arms of savvy shoppers, you'll end up right outside the Causeway Bay MTR station, at Capitol Center in Jardine's Bazaar. (Sidebar: does that mean the toilet restaurant is closed now?) When the full-fledged Hong Kong flagship is completely open, it will comprise six floors of colourful clothing and accessories for men and women, open from 10am to 1am daily.

I sadly missed the media preview due to food poisoning (and already gained back the 2lbs I lost, boo) and kicked myself when I found out everyone got $800 shopping vouchers. Oh well. But wait! There's still a chance at scoring some Forever dollars through a casting campaign. All you have to do is post a photo of yourself on Forever 21's fan page, embodying the spirit and feel of a Forever 21 style star. Winners are chosen weekly until March 31, and will earn a $1,000 gift voucher as well as an invite to the Grand Opening in Spring.

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