Monday, January 30, 2012

Jailbreak Job

While I have nothing against John Steinbeck or Virginia Woolf, and devoured Pride & Prejudice like kids today ravage Twilight novels, it's been a real pain in my ass to have to stare at portraits of Jane Austen and other famed authors rendered as my Kindle wallpaper. So a year and a half after receiving the contraption, I finally made time last week to Jailbreak the device. Now, I get a lovely rotation of black-and-white Foxy Brown pix and random fashion editorials I googled. I figured I'd share it here because a lot of people probably can't be bothered to Jailbreak, or think that it will void the warranty, or didn't even know you could do it.

The process of Jailbreaking is a lot simpler than I thought -- all you have to do is download a file, drag it into the Kindle folder, and then unplug and click update. Then to add the wallpaper hack, you download another file and do the same thing. Straightforward instructions appear here (mirror site 3 worked best for me to download the appropriate files).

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