Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iPhone Show & Tell: Action Movie FX

It's been a while since a good enough iPhone app has crossed our paths, warranting an app review... then my co-worker Jimmy sent me a video of a pile of teddy bears on my desk getting blown up. Holy smokes! The editorial team spent the rest of that afternoon downloading Action Movie FX and basically blowing shit up, from people who need to be eliminated from the office to accessories that we didn't like.

The concept of the app is simple, and the execution even easier -- load it up, choose your destruction scene (the freebies include a missile attack and throwing a car), point and film. To demonstrate how easy it all is, while I was at the Lane Crawford dinner last night for Taylor Tomasi Hill, I blew up the guest of honour and her neighbour Tina (sorry Tina, collateral damage) and nobody even noticed my act of terrorism.

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