Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Generally Good

It was a sad day when I found out that Dining Wok, Hong Kong's only Americanized Chinese food restaurant, closed down a couple of years ago. I guess not everyone shares my fondness for crab rangoon and moo goo gai pan. But how could they not? Moo goo gai pan, even the name sounds so very delicious. Well, certainly more tasty than some traditional Chinese dishes (ants climbing the tree? Buddha jumping over the wall?). When I visited Cali last summer, eating at Panda Express was like a dream come true. I know, I'm so ghetto.

Some six months later, I was at the supermarket scouring the discount meats when we found some organic chicken due to expire in a day. What else could we do but buy them and make General Tso's chicken? It had long been my understanding that despite being sort of a fast-food takeout dish, General Tso's wasn't so easy to make, but I was glad to find that wasn't true. A tad tedious, perhaps, but definitely easily doable. And tastes even better as leftovers, hot or cold. So whip up a big batch and refrigerate!

The recipe used is from Kokocooks... chosen from this site for obvious reasons. I normally adapt quite a bit to my own tastes but the sauce was perfect the way the recipe suggested (although admittedly, I never measure anything except with my eyes...). Only thing I would do is decrease the amount of batter for the chicken; I had to ziplock like 80% of it.

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  1. woooo i want some americanized chinese food too. I crave general tso's chicken and pork fried rice :O

  2. It's so beautiful and elegant! The colours are just delicious. You've inspired me to have a go at making one too.

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