Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrity Sighting: Kelly Chan in Burberry Prorsum

Both ShoeGeek and I are devout followers of fashion blogs and one of the ones that we love reading is Red Carpet Fashion Awards where we can check out what international stars are wearing on a regular basis to the red carpet. And I always get a source of pride when I see Asian celebrities featured but it’s far and few between. Then I thought to myself, well why don’t we start a column where you can see what stars on this side of the globe are wearing? As we mentioned before, we don't claim to be fashion gurus but we do know what we like and don't like.

First up is Kelly Chan, singer and mother of ‘Har Gau Zhai” (Shrimp Dumpling as she affectionately calls her son) at Raymond Lam’s recent concert wearing Burberry Prorsum Autumn Winter 2010. Quick note to the PR folks, we like to see the whole ensemble and that means shoes! (The other picture of Kelly was rather unflattering and only showed the soles of the shoes. Yes we realise that she is onstage and that the photographer can only shoot up but still, if you can take the above pic, I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to just pan down a tad lower so we can see what shoes she wore with the dress.) That peeve aside, I am a fan of this ensemble although that might be my perchance for anything that ruched and draped to hide unflattering bulges. Kelly definitely doesn't have this problem. The lace overlay with peekaboo thighs is a nice touch seeing as exact knee length dresses are hard to carry off unless you are Mrs Incredible and have the ability to stretch your calves to unnatural lengths.

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1 comment:

  1. {hi from california} Kelly has always been one of my favorites! i think she wears it better than the burberry model. she brings life to this beautiful dress.


    happy to find your cool blog via sololisa.would love to exchange links with you if you are interested. cheers, gabrielle