Monday, August 23, 2010

Going the Distance

I'm not sure if this is commonly known, but say you have UA miles that are soon to expire, but you don't really have a UA destination that you want to travel to, you can always extend your expiration deadline by shopping on UA Mileage Mall. There are a whole bunch of sites you can shop, but not all of them ship to Hong Kong. Shopbop is one of them, and with their free shipping to Hong Kong with any purchase over US$100, it's a wise place to spend. Since you're really shopping for the sake of shopping, I thought I'd put together a list of cheapie goodies from the sale section, all in or under the US$50 mark. The opening image is a simple tank with back button detailing by Alice and Olivia, US$46.20.

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Like this dagger necklace by Noir, the brand of jewellery often spotted on thy favourite tomboy boho blogs, Fashion Toast and lulu and your mom. And only US$37.50, which for Noir is damn cheap.

I'm obsessed with bustiers, no matter how uncomfortable they are, there is nothing like throwing one on over a white tank or tee to take casual to come-hither. This one from Kettle Black (US$47.50) sort of has an open back as well, making it twice as cool.

Pretty sure none of our readers are going to buy this, but I am mysteriously drawn to this cotton onesie by Haute Hippie for US$43.50. Maybe I am subconsciously reminiscing about my days as a baby, when I didn't have to go to work on Mondays and read endless reams of colour proofs for the upcoming and always ridiculously intense September issue.

More bling, this time courtesy of Fallon Jewelry, US$49.50.

Sick little belt, probably DIY-able if you had the time and motivation... but no one has the time or motivation, especially not if you can pick one up and renew your mileage status all for the dirt-low price of US$32. Thank you, Elegantly Waisted.

It's a miniskirt. It's designed by Erin Wasson for RVCA. It's tiny, hot and priced at only US$37. This should go in the cart no matter what your mileage state-of-mind might be.

Last but not least, this toes the line just a bit at US$50.70 but it's a comfy-glam poufy-shouldered T-shirt mini, Torn by Ronny Kobo. Every girl needs one of those, right?

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