Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crowning Glory

I feel that I should start a Hello Kitty column dedicated to the random products that she's affiliated with. On my daily trawl of interesting things to bring you, I discovered that Hello Kitty is continuing to dominate the consumer market and the latest is a combination of a beverage (nope, not the wine that she’s not making) and Swarovski crystals (which she’s been fond of in the past). This time, she’s joined forces with Fillico, a company that specialises in making branded water from a spring in Kobe, to bring you bottled water that showcases Swarvoski crystal accents and crown-shaped toppers. The different colour for each bow represents a different trait: yellow for "heartful," pink for "cute," lavender for "sweet," green for "wish," and red for "friendship.” (Is it me or is that ambiguous in a typically Japanese way?) Water doesn’t come cheap though, each bottle retails for US$100. Available here.

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