Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ring

I never knew I had such an overwhelming collection of rings until I needed props to test out my new iPhone camera app. And wasn't willing to leave the vicinity of my bed. It came down to either the contents of my bedside jewellery box, or the bewildering stash of snacks I keep within arm's reach, consumed and replenished daily. And yeah, bling porn won out over evidence of my descent into gluttony.

The camera app is Super Camera, by the way. It's free and has lots of options, but Scrub and Natural Sepia are the only selects worth using.

Do you want to know where these are from, by the way? Click on for credits.

1. Clockwise from bottom left... Chunky gold ring and rusty gold three-finger knuckleduster from Bangkok; giant amber cocktail ring from hawker stand, $20 from the super bitchy hawker lady that I hope to re-encounter outside Aji Ichiban/Okashi Land in Causeway; four-finger ring from Maison Martin Margiela.

2. Clockwise from top... Marc by Marc Jacobs coil ring; cosmic-looking ring from Forever 21; necklace (duh) Dior -- one of faves from the honey pie.

3. Left to right... White flower/filigree ring made by our own Chic Infinity, aka FashionGeek, for my birthday; Swarovski crystal heart ring from my daddy; corset ring by Dior; two-finger Bijules seagull ring from Moxsie.

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