Friday, August 27, 2010

Bigger is Better

It’s an interesting conundrum that watchmakers are dealt with these days. Time is so ubiquitous that you really don’t need to have a watch to tell time. I used to be a regular watch wearer until I got my iPhone and then since I hold my phone wherever I go, it became easier to just check on the phone than the watch. So now I think of watches as an accessory, a sort of bracelet or bangle with the added function to tell time. I’ve been looking to get some statement watches at a reasonable price and came across Invicta Watches at ShopNBC. Here are a few that I think has potential, particularly the black and rose gold one. Although I'm obviously still in a summer mood as the other colours I've chosen are bright popping happy colours. Hmm what do you think? Which should I get?

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