Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thin is In

Given the fashion world's attempts to fatten up, between banning too-thin models and championing big-boobed corseted loveliness a la Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada this season... it's kind of scary to see the Proenza Schouler boys go the scary photoshop route with their first print ad campaign. I can't decide whether this is a case of virgin campaign creators overlooking the non-existent waist on the model (one of Ann or Kirby Kenny, the twins)... or if this is Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez's convoluted way of asking Kiefer Sutherland to head-butt them again. I'm certainly ready to. No! BAM! One's! BAM! Waist! BAM! Is! BAM! That! BAM! Slim! And also, can I have a PS1 please if I stop head-butting you guys? No? BAM! Here we go again...

Images from, more shots plus a behind-the-scenes video after the cut.

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  1. While I'm not a big fan of the "pro-fat" people, or those who bash naturally thin models -- I do think there's a problem when things are taken to the extreme.
    This ad reminds me of the Ralph Lauren one which was Photoshopped so much that the woman's waist was seen as more narrow than her head -- something that most people said was a physical impossibility.
    Remember way back when everyone complained that Kate Moss was too thin?
    I was watching a compilation of her catwalk work from the 90s, and was thinking that, by today's standards, she would actually be considered a little buxom.
    I like tall, thin models as much as the next person, but the skeletal look is disturbing.
    I'm glad I'm not an impressionable teenager today, growing up with these images.

  2. Agreed! If it is just that they didn't notice that the model was photoshopped so slim, that's kind of a bad sign that they think that is normal!

    Although someone was just telling me yesterday that due to all this internet porn, teens now freak out when they start growing hair down there during puberty because they think it's abnormal -- that's how sad the state of "normal" is today...

  3. Hey, guys, I agree, this is sick! Ralph Loren model is Filippa Hamilton, she is naturally beatuful and healthy but the picture was just so off!
    See here: