Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pearl Jam

Some of you may know that I like to make jewellery and have an online store under the brand name Chic Infinity. Unfortunately, in recent months, the shop has fallen to the wayside as I’ve been dedicating all my efforts to my full time job and of course, this blog. Well, since I’m officially banned from shopping in a pact that I made with ShoeGeek, I was inspired this weekend to recreate a piece of jewellery that I am coveting, the Vera Wang asymmetric pearl necklace.

I decided to create something similar but not as extravagant as I’d like it to be wearable every day. With weight being a key factor in the making of this necklace, I had to forgo the lovely Japanese glass pearl beads that I normally use and use the inferior plastic beads which are so so much lighter. Three hours and a couple hundred beads later, this is the result. I’m still not quite happy with it and am thinking if I should add another strand of beads to it to tangle it up a bit more but the beauty of DIY is that I can wear what I’ve made for now and add more when I’m bored. Amazingly easy to make and without the US$650 price tag. Perfect for a Geek on a budget.

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