Friday, August 13, 2010

Katy Beary

There are many reasons for me to dislike Katy Perry's latest hit, California Gurls -- consciously bad spelling, for one, irritates the editor in me, while the celebration of the western state of California grates against my East-coast allegiance. But if you hear the damn tune enough times on American radio, you start to get hooked. So hooked that you may, shamefully and covertly mind you, log on to Youtube at work to listen to the song as a mid-day pick-me-up (it's undeniable!). And while you're catching glimpses of the Candyland-inspired video (by the way, Fergie called, she wants her music video set back), you might be fooled into thinking that Katy Perry reads Hong Kong Fashion Geek. After all, she does encounter giant gummy bears, of the ilk once described on this very blog.

What's even funnier, which I discovered while googling "Katy Perry gummy bear" to find an appropriate screenshot, is that thanks to a little gratuitous-yet-graphic finger-pointing, both Trolli and Haribo have denied any affiliation with Katy Perry and/or the fabulous-fingered gummies.

Says the Haribo spokesperson: "We were as shocked as Katy Perry [in the video] when we saw on closer inspection that these were not Haribo Goldbears but poor imitations. After all, Haribo Goldbears are happy, fun and sweet, not rude and crude!" As for the blame-pushing Trolli guy: "Trolli bears would extend their chubby little arms and give Katy a big old bear hug and whisper, 'Everything is going to be all right."

Ironically, gummy bears don't even have fingers, as Perry herself pointed out: "So they just give their paw thing, but we still had to blur it out. I thought it was really cute, and I like that Gummi Bears are really evil." The bears act as an army defending candy kingpin Snoop Dogg... just be careful he doesn't get the munchies.

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