Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrity Sighting: Charlene Choi in in Blumarine

Back when Twins first became popular, I never understood why people thought Ah Gil was the cuter one as ShoeGeek and I always rooted for Ah Sa. In fact, I always thought that Ah Gil was too generic looking and if she weren't together with Ah Sa, I wouldn't have any idea who she was.. Of course, this is all pre Edison so things have changed quite a bit. So last Saturday, Ah Sa went to the Music World Music Awards organised by Metro Radio in a Blumarine Fall/Winter 2010 dress. My immediate reaction is how on earth will anyone regularly sized, such as us Geeks, fit into a dress like this if Ah Sa who is TINY in real life looks like she's oozing out of it? And trust me, she's tiny. We get our hair cut at the same salon and I would bump into her all the time. Then I realise, wait, she's NOT oozing out of it, it's only coz she looks chubs next to Chanel Iman... and so begins a downward spiral of self-doubt where I realise I am never to wear this dress at all under any circumstances which is a bit of a pity as I think it looks quite cute when styled with that jacket.

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  1. I think if you're comfortable with your body/shape/size/weight whatever... and have self confidence and self acceptance anyone could rock this frock, just buy the right size... 2 fingers up to the media who think otherwise or thin is cool!


  2. i agree with you, i do think chanel iman looks better with that dress on, and looks very cute styled with the jacket