Monday, August 16, 2010

The Messenger

After two weeks apart, FashionGeek and I went to lunch. And I realized that before lunch I had somehow purchased 3 dresses, 2 tops, 1 skirt, 1 vest and maybe even a partridge in a pear tree... (I blame it on sample-sale mania...) Then FashionGeek shared that she had in the past two weeks invested in something like 15 skirts for work. And then we decided to go visit Gizzy & Nacho, where she bought two more Pleasure Doing Business skirts (ladies, the neon green is officially out of stock!)

So en route to lunch, we decided to relaunch the shopping embargo. For one month, then, we will shop no more, which probably means you'll be getting a lot of vicarious retail porn on here... starting NOW.

I've been looking out for a beat-up old vintage messenger bag for a while now, and these were on my Etsy watch list. Sadly, since I am now a Supershopper crippled by kryptonite, someone else needs to snap one of these up, then maybe loan them to me or give them to me as a gift for being a good girl. The one pictured above is sadly already sold out, but if you move quick you can get the ones below on the cheap.

Vintage leather MAE handbag, US$34.

Leather cross-body saddle bag, US$68.

Vintage burgundy Etienne Aigner bag, $20.

Vintage gold filigree bag, US$26.

Luna Mexican vintage handmade handbag, US$17.

'90s paisley-canvas and leather bag, US$46.

Vintage Ann Taylor, US$30.

'70s Autumnal vegan purse, US$39.

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