Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Geek Spy: iShoes

Regular readers of the blog will know that us Geeks are massive fans of the iPhone. And sure the tons and tons of fun apps are an attraction but the thing I love the most might be that there are so many different casings for it. From the cheap plastic cases (of which I break one every two weeks but I don’t care coz that means I can change colours without feeling the guilt of excessive consumption) to the designer, there are no lack of options to choose from. My attention was recently drawn to the iShoes which are rather whimsical interpretations of the plastic iPhone case that you see all over the place. Of course, I think if they positioned it as the iCorset, it might be a better marketing strategy. For who doesn’t love turning their items into lust worthy objects? Available at CitySuper or G.O.D. for HK$169

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