Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Size Matters

I’m in awe that the PR folks behind Belvedere were able to write a 500 word release on what essentially can be summed up as follows: a 6L bottle of Belvedere Vodka is now available in select nightclubs in Hong Kong, namely Beijing Club, Club Billion, Dragon-I, Kee Club, Prive, Sugar, Tazmania Ballroom and Volar. Six litres folks. Six litres. Plenty of drunk dialing, tweeting and embarrassing Facebook pictures to go around.

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  1. I could write a book on everything that goes wrong with press release writing.

    I recently got a 1,800-word press release (6 pages when printed out) telling me about a press conference for an upcoming event in Macao. After all those words -- which add up to something longer than an average IHT frontpage news story -- it fails to provide basic information, like the date of said event.

  2. hahaha.. press release writing #fail! 1,800 is a lot of words!

  3. Perhaps downage of that 6L bottle is essential to arm yourself for that 500 word task...

    ... it'd certainly make them more appreciative of the product...

    It honestly sounds like something from America.