Monday, August 20, 2012

adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott FW12 Collection

It's becoming quite the guessing game as to what sort of crazy ideas Jeremy Scott will come out with after the insanely popular panda sneakers and teddy sneakers. So even though my Chinese reading skills are elementary and I have no idea what the press release says, I had to put the images up. From what I understand, the products came out last Friday and is available at I.T. in Causeway Bay. What do you think of the psychedelic teddy, butterfly feet and winged shoes? Finally, what's with the guy wearing the print from the Longchamp x Jeremy Scott bag? So does it technically make it a Longchamp x adidas x Jeremy Scott crossover? Or just that he's doing so many collabos that all originality has been thrown out the window? See more images after the cut,

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