Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grab 'n Go Goodies

Always been a big fan of Diptyque, even though I stock candles at home and never, ever burn them because I'm paranoid about falling asleep and dying of carbon dioxide poisoning. Irrelevant information for all you readers. More useless factoids: Virginia is the pyromaniac of the Geek family. Don't give her a Zippo lighter unless you want to be "entertained" by her crazy fire tricks. If HKFG doesn't work out I'm loaning her out for performances, and wearing only flame-retardant clothing.

Anyway, as you probably know, Diptyque is about more than just flammables. As part of its body care line, the brand has launched a Collection Voyage, comprising four of its best-selling product: smoothing body polish, revitalizing shower gel for body and hair, body lotion and hand balm. If, like me, you recoil at the thought of using gym-issue shampoo and body wash (even if you do work out at Pure, probably the nicest of the lot out here), then this is a nice kit for the gym bag -- or the suitcase, should you be a travelling monkey like myself...

Available at Joyce Beauty for $480.

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