Thursday, August 23, 2012

SHOErotica: Alexander Wang Lina & Sonja

awang pumps

My number-one pick for FW2012 is still obviously two pairs of shoes instead of one. And each in two colour combos. Indecision is the path to ultimate procrastination. Meet Lina, on your left, and Sonja on the right. Both lovely ladies, though it was Lina that called to me during a window-shopping tour of Central and Causeway Bay last weekend. She's like a Siren, and me the wayward sailor directionless on the seas. And can I just say, Alexander Wang makes the most comfortable shoes. BUT ALSO TEND TO END UP ON THE OUTNET SIX MONTHS LATER (unless they are those wine-coloured fox fur sandals). Wait, and be potentially disappointed, or buy now and ignore the wallet weep?

Alexander Wang ankle strap heels / Alexander Wang ankle strap heels / Alexander Wang high heel shoes / Alexander Wang high heel shoes

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1 comment:

  1. Nice sandals. I just love it, how can i buy it please tell me.