Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sparkling Cool Britannia

Guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek showcases her choices of favourites from British brand, Dreams greets Hong Kong

Are you madly following what's going on in the Olympics?Hard core fans are staying up late or waking up at insane hours like 4am to watch things live. In any event cool Britannia is definitely making a comeback this summer. With the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee -- and jumping out of a helicopter with 007, Kate and Wils are still madly in love with each other, and a pretty successful Opening Ceremony thanks to director Danny Boyle, things are good in London town.

And there's a British jewellery brand called -- get this -- Dreams greets Hong Kong and has some stylish pieces invoking an English style with an edge.

For starters there's cute bears that are dressed in Buckingham Palace guard uniform that can be worn as pendants or charms on a bracelet (HK$950). Or the sparkly Union Jack crystal clutch (HK$3,500) that will definitely reveal your national interests shown in the opening image.
There's also Union Jack rings (HK$2,150) and earrings (HK$1,590), and for the more subversive, there's Union Jack skull rings (HK$4,990).

Dreams greets Hong Kong is a strange name for a brand considering it has nothing to do with our city. It was actually born in Notting Hill in the late 1990s by a collective of young creatives keen to showcase their avant-garde accessories.

Check it out at Harvey Nichols, 2/F, The Landmark and Level 1 at Harvey Nichols in Pacific Place.

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