Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Strap Happy: Best Shoulder-Flap Bags

I was never the biggest fan of Chanel bags. I like 'em, I just wouldn't spend $30,000 on one if it means you could buy three other bags in its place. But I'm finally getting clued in to the mysterious fascination with the introduction of these pieces a little while ago for Resort 2013. I believe they fall under the Boy collection. Yes folks, that in the middle there is a patent transparent shoulder bag, to go with your plexi-pumps (who are we kidding, nobody owns those, they're SO sold out or cost over $16K, Zara I'm looking to you for the knock-off, don't let me down).

Swooning doesn't even BEGIN to describe what I'm feeling for that gold-edged petal-blue homage to Louis XIV-style opulence over there on the right. I've been sweatin' the shoulder-flap-bag look of late, so I'd already had a big collection of hmmm-should-i, oooh-maybe, gosh-i-want-it-bad options on my wish list. If you can't wait till 2013 for the real deal, please consider these below. The red Tom Ford is also giving me heart palpitations -- both because it's so hot and because it costs even more, possibly, than the Chanel. But a smartly priced non-python Chloe Elsie is just as delicate, a metal-cornered A-Wang Marion is just as embellished, and a daffodil-yellow PS11 is just as springalicious... check out the options below.

shoulder bags

Tom Ford bag / Chloé snakeskin handbag / Proenza Schouler shoulder handbag / Yves Saint Laurent genuine leather handbag / Miu Miu shoulder handbag / Gucci chain handbag, $1,390 / Alexander Wang mini handbag

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