Monday, May 21, 2012

Loewe x Antonio Ballester Moreno

I love Loewe videos. They are so fun and quirky from the Amazona that was blown up to wonderfully whimsical Christmas video by Gary Card. Now there’s another one that celebrates the annual crossover that the brand does with a Spanish artist. This year, they have invited Madrid-based artist Antonio Ballester Moreno to work with them on their new line of silk Mantón de Manila scarves, the traditional shawl that Flamenco dancers wear. With colourful patterns of flowers and birds, the video just makes me smile and is the perfect thing to get rid of the Monday blues.

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1 comment:

  1. トリーバーチ フラットの甲の部分にはお馴染みのロゴを付けてさりげなくブランド品の感覚をアピールします、おしゃれだけじゃなく、実用性もバッチリ。長時間歩んでもまったく疲れない、全体的からちゃんと足に負担を掛からないように工夫してある、お出かけに最適。トリーバーチはフォーマルな服装にもカジュアルな服など、どのような服装にもすごくコーディネイトし易いので大活躍出来る。