Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nail Files: China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

Been meaning to post this as soon as I got the polishes but somehow, it had slipped my mind. So after waxing lyrical about the colours I wanted to get in this post when I saw the actual collection, I realised I wanted other colours as the green and orange were amazingly similar to other colours I had. (The orange in particular is very similar to the OPI orange from their Burlesque collection.) So the two I have on here is Stone Cold with a smattering of Electrify on the tips. Stone Cold is awesome. It's a gun metal grey similar to OPI suede colours and so doesn't last as long but looks real pretty. Electrify, much like other glitters, is a bitch to take off but on the other hand, it also means it lasts forever and a day so I'm currently using it as my pedi colour since I am lazy and can't be bothered to change pedis as often as I do manis. A little tip on removing glitter polish, I've found that soaking cotton with nail polish remover, then wrapping aluminum foil around each finger for about five minutes make removing glitter easier. So there you have it, my desire for the Hunger Games Collection is satisfied and so I move on lusting after other collections.

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  1. Can you please tell me where you bought the China Glaze Hunger Games nail polish? I've been looking for them everywhere in Hong Kong.

    1. Hi there, I got the nail polishes at Cher2 so you can try calling them to find out if it's still available. When I went a few days after they called me to say the collection was in, some colors were already selling out so not sure what the chances are. Good luck!

    2. Can you give me their number and I shall call them right away. Thank you so much! I'm going there tomorrow.