Monday, May 28, 2012

Louis Vuitton presents "100 Legendary Trunks" iPad Application

There’s something inherently cool about having a trunk lying around in the apartment or bringing on with you when you go on vacation. Maybe it’s the perception of retro glamour. Of course, I don’t relish the idea of lugging it around but in my imaginary scenario there’s always someone who carries it for me. And since I don’t really see this happening soon, I’m going to satisfy my craving for trunks with the newly launched Louis Vuitton iPad app where you can voyeuristically check out some of the brand’s iconic trunks such as the bed-trunk made for the explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, trunks for the illusionist Harry Houdini or the fashion designer Paul Poiret, the suitcase for Elizabeth of England, the vanity case for Sharon Stone, the artist’s trunk for Takashi Murakami. Don’t have an iPad? Check out some of the behind the scenes material in the above video.

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