Monday, May 28, 2012


Managed to jam in quite a bit in my whirlwind 48-hour press trip to Tokyo. Appreciate the view from the 48th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. Eat gifted Laduree pistachio and vanilla macaroons in the bathtub reading my kindle and drinking grape juice thefted from the Traveller's Lounge at Hong Kong airport, then sitting down for a nine-course kaiseki dinner in the restaurant downstairs. Did an interview, ate the best soft-boiled egg with ramen, had a facial at the wonderful ESPA. My first time at one. Hopefully not my last. Attended a cocktail event, saw some 125 carat diamond. As well as a little old lady wearing a multi-million-dollar brooch, being trailed by a sales assistant holding her two handbags -- one, a multi-coloured LV shoulder bag; the other, a mini Hermes Kelly with a GIANT miffy keychain hanging from it. Ate at that Kill Bill restaurant. FaceTimed Foxy for the first time! Worked out how to use those machines that dispense food receipts in restaurants, all in the name of a croquette curry. Decided to start another blog, about eggs. Shopped in Shibuya, got chided by an Opening Ceremony staff member for touching the display plates. Acquired three Pierre Herme macaroons at prices so exorbitant I could have an entire lunch for less than the price of one. And somehow made it back home to enjoy those in bed, in Hong Kong.

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  1. So do you think you had a good time? Tokyo is so special to me (my hometown) and i also was in there last week! The weather was magically good, wasn't it?
    So, judging from the photos, I assume you spent some time in the small green space in Tokyo midtown?
    The kaiseki dinner sounds superb!!!

  2. It was great! I need more time there to eat all the things I didn't get to. Stayed at Ritz, so that grassy knoll was just calling to me every day, and I figured Japan is probably the cleanest place you can lie on the grass in the park and NOT worry about what dogs have done there... :)