Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci

I’ve always loved Guerlain for their skincare as I find their Super Aqua range, in particular the serum, perfect for my skin in the humid Hong Kong weather. But I’ve never paid much attention to their cosmetics with the exception of their liquid foundation which I swear by. However, the crossover they currently have with Emilio Pucci has me intrigued. As always, I’m loving the packaging and the blues and greens just make me want to endlessly go on junk trips and wait for the summer to come and forget about being bundled up in winter clothing in insanely cold Hong Kong offices. If I had to choose one item from the collection that I covet, it would probably be the purple nail polish as I’ve never tried their polish. Yet, the glosses look pretty, the ocean blue kohl worth trying and you can never have too many brushes right? Which means pretty much the entire collection is luring me to their counters. Signs of a good collaboration indeed. Available at Guerlain counters now.

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