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Review: Entourage

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Looking for an intimate rendez-vous with your lover? Or a girls' night out off the beaten track? Entourage may fit the bill. In any case, when you go west on Elgin Street it turns right, down before Hollywood Road and that's where the French restaurant is. Walk up the stairs and you'll find curved dining booths for parties of two to six. French executive chef Franck Lebiez has a good selection of dishes on the menu and he's very personable; he likes to come out and greet guests and suggest some items that will be good that evening.  

We started with an appetiser of fresh salmon tartar dressed with capers, gherkins and parsley (HK$120). Perfectly sculpted on a slice of baguette, it was very refreshing and light. For a heavier starter, we liked the homemade duck liver terrine, fruits chutney, and brioche bread with figs (HK$175). The fact that the duck liver terrine was made in-house gave it a more rustic feel and complemented with the chutney was delicious.

This was balanced out with a crispy goat's cheese and pesto parcel salad, with lavender and honeydew dressing (HK$110). The goat's cheese and pesto were wrapped in filo pastry triangles that were deep-fried, making them quite oily, but the package inside was very nice. It was accompanied with some fresh greens.

For mains chef Franck suggested making a lobster risotto which is similar to the wild mushroom one with crispy Parmesan (HK$185). It was quite a hearty portion with chunks of lobster hidden inside.

Meanwhile the roast lamb with thyme and rosemary accompanied with potatoes was another recommendation that did not disappoint. The meat was very tender and the portion enough for three to share.

By now we were quite full, but we were tempted by the selection of desserts.

The L'Opera, a chocolate and coffee cake served with custard sauce (HK$85) was a bit on the dry side and rich, and what is a chocolate cake is called a classic dessert from Bordeaux area, based on a pancake served with vanilla ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce (HK$70) was to die for. The cake was split in half, the chocolate covered ice cream in the middle and all of it drizzled in chocolate sauce. This was a chocoholic's dream with the rich chocolate and ice cream combination for a heavenly treat.

Nevertheless, we also quite enjoyed the thin apple almond tart with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce (HK$85), the pastry light and fluffy.

On the evening we went it wasn't very busy, but there were couples and a group of ladies having a good time. So while it may not be party central, it's definitely a place for good food and quality time with whoever you're with. No questions asked. I never did find out if it was named after the HBO TV series or had connotations of party groups though. Guess that means I need to return.

1-5 Lower Elgin Street
2559 8281

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