Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Al Fresco Sunday Brunch at Kowloon Shangri-La

Food and travel guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek gives us her next scoop on fantastic restaurants.

If you're on the Kowloon side looking for a laid-back place to dig into some Sunday brunch, look no further than Tapas Bar at the Kowloon Shangri-La. It's a cosy bar area behind the lobby and it opens up to the harbour area for some al fresco dining. The day we went it was a beautiful day, the sun made an appearance and we even got a slight tan outside. Pedestrians walking by will look on with envy as you dig into some gourmet dishes presented buffet style.

There's an international selection of goodies, starting with freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters from Australia, sushi and sashimi, and freshly sliced Iberico and Serrano ham. Enjoyed the juicy plump scallops speared with young asparagus stalks, while the organic greens are refreshing but there's there seem to be four mystery dressings as they weren't properly labelled.

Other items include black olive tapenade with snapper in vinegar, and a cantaloupe, chorizo and artichoke salad that were delish. We also loved the marinated olives and aubergine, tuna cubes, and cheese fans will appreciate the selection on the cheeseboard, with most soft cheeses.

But wait -- we haven't gotten to the mains yet.
You can choose from the Boston lobster, chopped lengthwise and roasted, paella with mussels and Serrano ham, and the sinfully decadent beef tenderloin with a giant piece of panfried foie gras on top. The grilled lamb chops with pesto was excellent and a good small portion considering we were already almost full.

Brunch isn't complete with dessert, and again there's a tempting array of sweet finishes to the meal. They're all small portions, so it's only too easy to try all of them.

The vanilla creme brulee was excellent as well as the white chocolate pudding with red currant and mango, and of course the fresh fruit platter. Other desserts include coconut agar agar and hazelnut cheesecake.

Prices for the brunch are as follows: Without wine it's HK$398 per person, and then with wine it's either an additional HK$150 for four choices or HK$280 for the sommelier selection of six wines.

Tapas Bar Sunday Brunch
Sundays and public holidays 11am-3pm
Kowloon Shangri-La
64 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East
2733 8756

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