Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Met Gala Madness

It's been a long day, and I need to eat dinner. So allow me to caption my Met Gala faves in as succinct a manner as possible: I'm going to give out pseudo-awards, meaningless blogger accolades, to each pair pictured above and below. Starting with...

The Orange You Glad to See Me? Award
Can't believe Kristen Bell in Tommy Hilfiger can compare to Katherine McPhee in Elie Saab. But that is the power of the tangerine dream.

The Prada Princesses Award
Carey Mulligan and Gwyneth Paltrow both went short and stunning. Shoes are nothing to write home about, but with legs like those, who cares?

The Even Models Get the Blues Award
Caroline Trentini and Constance Jablonski both clean up well in shades of aqua. Models in gowns are the best.

The How Did You Get an Invite But You Look Great Award
Hanneli the blogger in Calvin Klein Collection, China Chow in Gaultier couture. China Chow continues to be very perplexing to me. What does she do??

The It Don't Matter If It's Black or White Award
I'm hardly ever impressed by Anna Wintour or Liv Tyler, but I lurve both of these! AW (who normally looks like a hunchback) is in Prada and Liv (who normally looks like a linebacker) is in Givenchy couture.

The Short & Sassy Award
Mere mortals would look stupid at a ball in these gowns, but these bitches -- Kate Bosworth in Prada, Emma Stone in Lanvin -- still look happening. What gives?

The Also Short & Sassy Award
Dree Hemingway in Topshop, Chloe Sevigny in Miu Miu. Hate them!

The Can't Do No Wrong Award
Do they EVER look bad? Diane Kruger in Prada, Jessica Alba in Michael Kors. Also known as the "They so pretty, they look good in a paper sack but thankfully have good taste" award.

The Minimal Dress, Maximal Effect Award
Calvin Klein Collection always nails it, if you have the body to carry it off. Which Emily Blunt and Rosario Dawson do.

And finally... The Givenchy Haute Couture Award, Because It's 10:03pm and I Really Need to Eat Now
For my favouritest Rooney Mara, and that supermodel I really hate, Gisele.

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