Friday, March 16, 2012

Wear & Share: Suzie Slutty

For most girls I know, dressing up is half the fun of going out. And I don't mean being dressed up while you're out -- I mean literally the process of getting ready. Envisioning the look, choosing the dress, doing the hair, conceiving the makeup palette...

So even though I knew that most people going to ELEQT's inauguration bash would be coming straight from the office in work clothes, I still thought it made full sense to go home and get the full shebang going... Suzie Wong-style, in my mini-est mini cheongsam and fluffiest fluffy coat. I looked like a Mama-san from your favourite Shanghainese brothel. And then, before hitting up the party at Conrad's poolside, I thought it would be fun to revisit another blast from the past: Dan Ryan's. There's actually nothing I enjoy more than dressing slutty and going to eat McDonald's, but Pacific Place no longer has a McDonald's, so my one-time high-school hangout was the next best thing.

But seriously, everyone in Dan Ryan's, from the patrons to the service staff, looked at me like I was a hooker. Didn't help when Laura joined me in an equally ass-grazing minidress. Oh, look ma, two hookers! In my heyday, Dan Ryan's was populated by high-schoolers sharing one entree and eating 300 free muffins then paying with hard-earned pocket money. Now it's full of mature office people, who seemingly did not enjoy the sight of me sashaying through the restaurant in rose-gold stilettos and an outfit that would make my father blush. Oh, well. I had fun, and isn't that what counts?

Dress: Shanghai Tang, of course
Faux fur: Lanvin x H&M
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson
Clutch: Bangkok night market
Ring: Forever 21

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  1. i actually think the dress looks really nice. i love cheongsam. but i could never pull it off.

  2. Love this you know if Shanghai tang has a long version?

  3. There was a long version when it was made, I think, but it's from a few years ago!