Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Free Lunch

We used to work for this really cool company that had a really smart HR team. I guess people were stealing food (who does that anyway?) from our communal fridge, so in order to combat that unhappy little habit, they put up an anti-thievery mechanism. Said device was actually a sign, the gist of it being essentially that they had put some expired food in an unmarked container, so steal food at your own risk... DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

Neither of us Geeks bring lunch to work, so we never did find out whether that measure was successful or not. I think these anti-theft lunch bags follow the same logic, except if you have a really guerilla tea lady, it's also likely to get your lunch thrown out before you eat it.

Friends fans -- doesn't Ross wish he bagged his special turkey lunch in this baggie?

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