Wednesday, March 28, 2012

iPhone Show & Tell: Snapseed

With the plethora of iPhone apps, I’m constantly downloading but never really using it. A few months ago, I saw Snapseed as one of those most downloaded apps and free for a limited period of time. So I downloaded but never got around to using it until Jason raved about the app as something that one must have on their phone and that it’s fully worth the US$4.99. After taking a bit of time to adjust to its user interface (not quite intuitive at first but once you know it, you kinda wonder why you found it difficult) I am hooked. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll probably notice that I’ve gotten some pretty darn nice photos lately and trust me, it’s not my mad skillz as a photographer but rather this nifty app that is helping me do post production to the photos. Behold some of my favourite photos taken on the iPhone, edited with Snapseed and posted on Instagram (some using their filters). Don’t they look almost beyond amateur photography and that you can almost believe that I know how to take photos?

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