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Howling for More

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Greyhound Cafe at IFC mall has proved so popular that another branch opened at the end of January in Harbour City, across from Al Molo. When I visited back in Feb, it was still in its early days so it was not too busy on a Monday evening, but there was a steady stream of customers.

While this Greyhound Cafe echoes the same look as its cousin in Central, with the funky line drawings on the walls and windows, that's where the similarity ends. The Kowloon version has an expanded menu with more items from drinks to desserts. After having a sip of lemongrass drink (HK$35) -- a slightly sweet but refreshing drink choc full of ice, we were ready to chow down on a feast.

We started with a few standard items: the salmon carpaccio (HK$98) is a popular dish, slices of salmon artfully presented with a slice of garlic on each and garnished with a pesto and green spicy hot sauce.

My friend really enjoyed the combination of the salmon with the strong kick from the sauce, so much so she finished most of the plate! We also had the famous Greyhound fried chicken wings (HK$68), that are in fact wings that are halved, marinated in a fish sauce and then deep fried. They are perfect munchies that go well with beer.
A new addition is the avocado salad (HK$118) that was supposed to have rocket leaves, but in fact were spinach mustard leaves. The salad overall was underwhelming -- boiled shrimps sliced in half and chopped, along with part of an avocado, mixed in a wasabi-Shoyu dressing that tasted like mayonnaise and then garnished with shrimp roe.
Although the service staff raved about the Musamum curry with broiled beef (HK$228), for us the highlight was the slightly sweet sauce. Sadly the broiled beef was too tough, though we also liked the accompanying mashed and baked potatoes and cucumber salad sticks.
However the mains were salvaged with the Khao Soi chicken (HK$88), featuring a chicken drumstick in a curry soup with Thai northern-style egg noodles and accompanied with a bowl of deep-fried crispy noodles, and condiments such as pickled vegetables, red onions and chilli oil. We enjoyed the play of textures here, soft, crunchy, wet and dry. The meat fell off the bone very easily and was very tender.

As if that wasn't enough, the desserts are extremely tempting thanks to the picture menu. We gave in and tried the mixed berries crepe cake (HK$68) featuring several alternating layers of fresh cream and crepe topped with fresh berries. The other was a parfait of sticky rice and mango (HK$68) that includes coconut sorbet, coconut milk and sticky rice in a glass. There are other delicious-looking parfaits including chocolate lover that includes all kinds of chocolately things including Ferro Rocher and Malteasers!

Definitely a place to grab a bite (big or small) in between your shopping spree at Harbour City.

Greyhound Cafe
Shop GOT01, G/F, Ocean Terminal
Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui
2383 6600

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