Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashion Week Redux: Red Hot

I love the idea of red in winter. Colours in general do get me hot and bothered. And the idea of a bloody maroon leather muumuu is made so enticing by the new crew at Vionnet. Or the idea of being enveloped in swaths of deep-cherry cashmere.

How lovely is the concept of a staid brick red made sexy by strategically placed slices of skin, in a cut-out or peeking through lace... (and while everybody ranted and raved over combos of true red and hot pink, how is it nobody ever discovered that this darker rusty red adds the perfect amount of bad-girl edge to baby pink?)

Of course, the appeal of a crimson wash is classic and eternal...

But if you're looking for a brand-new twist, then a two-toned approach is ever so fresh. And, since winter in Hong Kong right now is doing a bump-and-grind with spring, it only seems apt that we consider brights and neutrals together a la Jil Sander. With winter pale skin, it seems like a practical transition statement. Especially when paired with my favourite red lip.

So I guess we needed fashion week to remind us what we already knew: red isn't going anywhere. But here are the new things to covet.


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