Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Orla Kiely for Apple and Kindle

To paraphrase an old movie quote, you had me at stop motion, quirky music, prints and gadgets Orla Kiely. What is there not to love about the bright cheerful prints to dress up your laptop, Kindle, iPhone, iPad? Sidenote, I'm refusing to call it the New iPad coz that's just a stupid name and the EditorGeek in me is already thinking ahead wondering what comes after the Newest iPad. I want the Kindle cases and only wish there is a way for me to see it in person first before ordering it. (I had a bad experience with the official Kindle case with light whereby I ordered it, realised it's the same weight as the Kindle and promptly neglected it.) For laptop users or those who just want a new tote, stroll into the Apple store to check out the physical products as shown below.

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