Monday, March 12, 2012

Love Us? Vote for Us!

With the amount of talking ShoeGeek Christina and I do on a daily basis, people always assume that we are joint at the hip. However, the reality is that we see each other very infrequently. In fact, it’s March and I think we’ve only seen each other for work occasions. And whenever anyone asks for a photo of the two of us together, the only applicable ones end up being from way back when, like in high school. After encountering way too many instances of this happening, a couple weeks ago, we decided have a photoshoot done just in case there is anyone out there who might want a photo of us. As luck would have it, the minute we had it done, we were told that we’ve been shortlisted as one of Asia’s Top Glam bloggers by the Glam network and they want a photo of us. Sooooo if you approve of the geeky photo Christina and I took together, please click here to like the photo and vote for us. And if you really really do love us, perhaps you can also share the photo on your Facebook network to recruit more love for us? Pretty please?

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