Monday, March 26, 2012

Top That: Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

All these weddings exploding like land mines around me.... it's just that age, you know. The same hotel ballrooms, the same guestlists, the same music (hello, Bruno!) and even the same fake cake. If you're getting married soon, or have friends who are, then at least customize the five-layer sweet treat with an unusual cake topper.

Not that I'm headed altar-wards in the near future, but I've already picked mine out... either the corgi bride and groom, or Superman meets Wonder Woman (Lois Lane will be pissed, but whatevs.)

More after the jump!

Panda topper.

Other panda topper.

Kirsten Bell would die for this sloth topper. She loves sloths (see this vid).

Geeky ninja topper.

Equally geeky zombie topper.

Normal kawai onion-head bride and groom.

Customisable letter topper -- write your names or a simple Mr and Mrs.

Puzzle people cake topper.

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