Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tui Comfy

I never used to wear flats. But that was before ShoeGeek Christina corrupted me and in the span of 12 months I somehow acquired 24 pairs of new heels. Then flats became a necessary evil as I could no longer wander about town in comfy shoes. So when Doorstep Luxury offered to send me a pair of Tui Collection ballerina flats to try, of course I said yes. Unfortunately, with the uber cold weather in Hong Kong, I haven’t had much opportunity to wander around town in them but from the brief stroll I took, they were definitely comfy and no doubt it’s due to the fact that their flats are all handmade using Sumatran python leather and suede inner linings. Designed by Tui Pascale Arielle Sang, the Tui Collection is based out of Singapore and surprisingly little information can be found on them on the web but given how comfy their flats are, I’m sure that will change in no time!

Available at Doorstep Luxury and if you want to get your own, check out the Hong Kong Fashion Geek Photo Hunt as one of the prizes is a gift voucher from Doorstep Luxury!

Sidenote: If you order these online, be sure to err on the larger size since I find that they are quite snug.

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