Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY: Orange Candle

In the aftermath of Chinese New Year, I found that I had a lot of Satsuma oranges left over and so I decided to do a little DIY that I’ve been meaning to try for ages but never got around to it- candles made out of these oranges. It’s unbelievably easy and there are a lot of tutorials online, the one I adapted was from Honestly WTF.

So what you need:
An orange (duh)
A serrated knife
Olive or vegetable oil (I went vegetable as I had just finished the last of my olive oil making pesto)
A spoon

Lightly score a ring around the top of the orange making sure that you use the stem part as the base (this is very important as the pith will be your wick!!)
Gently separate the peel from the orange using a spoon while making sure you don’t break the pith of the stem
Straighten the pith as this will be your wick
Optional step: Leave the peel overnight in the fridge or in open air as the orange might be too moist and you can’t light the wick
Pour the oil into the orange peel
Use the top of the orange which you had taken off previously as the base so that when the orange heats up, you aren’t inadvertently burning your desk
Dip the pith into the oil before lighting
Light the candle and et voila

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