Thursday, February 23, 2012

SHOErotica: Preen for Aldo Rise SS12

Still more excited for Preen's FW platform boots, but for instant gratification, Asos is selling this season's graphic floral mules... a little bit 'o 8-bit loving. They're something of a steal at around $1600, but the zoom function let me know that they're printed leather, rather than neoprene as I randomly fictionalized in my head while surfing after the runway show last Sept. Makes me a little bit cautious because leather tends to wrinkle and show laugh lines.

You know how there are a million beauty-product review sites and blogs? There really should be a forum for shoes: are they comfy, is the sizing true, how do they hold up walking through Lan Kwai Fong, etc. Sort of like Purse Forum. Look, there's a business idea for someone!

In the meantime, get these at Asos.

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