Friday, February 24, 2012

Precious Metals

I've been revolting against accessories lately, except sweet little delicate things like stud earrings or my old "xtina" nameplate necklace. It's not that I don't like big, bold bling anymore -- I do, I very much do, I'm so much of a more-is-more kind of girl -- but these days I want to be girly and simple and wear innocuously well-crafted items like teensy earrings inspired by one of my favourite household items, the remote control, or pendants so Lilliputian you have to squint and lean in close just to see what's going on. Or maybe, I'm just tricking you into staring at my cleavage. Either or.

These little babies come from Etsy's Upper Metal Class. How can you not love a shop name with a good pun, and a logo so totally inspired by Pink Floyd?

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