Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bad-ass Bertha!

Super psyched to be procrastinating and surfing Pixie Market and came across my girl Bertha's beautiful brand TOT -- and in the opener image, too, no less. Bertha's never in town anymore because she's always doing shows in Paris or Shanghai or wherever but it's awesome to know that her hard work is paying off. What I love about the clothes personally is that even though the designs vary heavily from season to season -- last season was all about drapey pieces in heavy neutrals with great convertibility; this season is more happy-trippy, with harnessed bondage elements -- the spirit and philosophy stays constant, pleasing a customer who likes to shake things up, stay comfortable, maintain a French sophistication with a bit of Japanese forwardness.

The collection is designed by Bertha's sister Bessie, and just began retailing in Hong Kong at Cocktail (at Leighton Centre, among other locations). They only have the happy-face top left at Pixie Market now -- the harness top sold out before we ever had a chance at it. Or check out other retailers here. I've just gotta sneak peeks at next season's pieces on Facebook and I'm already dying for some of it. Need to remember to put an order in when Bertha is back...

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