Sunday, February 19, 2012

Novel Idea

I got a package in the mail a while ago and meant to blog about the sender -- Novelty Lane -- but didn't quite get around to it because I wasn't too sure what to say about the hodge-podge of items collected on the site. There's such huge volume and variety this local multi-brand online retailer that it's hard to trawl through the site architecture amid to get to the really good stuff. Although obviously, the definition of "really good stuff" differs from person to person. There's crowd-pleasers like Karen Walker sunnies; bizarre charmers like plastic dinosaur earrings; worn-in vintage bags exuding bygone cool, and tongue-in-cheek alterna-wear like trompe l'oeil 2.55s printed on cute cropped T-shirts. I like the stuff that would undoubtedly be termed fashion-blogger fodder: over-styled multi-layered pieces that float and titillate the eye. So predictable, but that's how I roll.

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