Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Burma Fashion Geek: Photo Diary Pt. 2

We visited countless temples in Burma, and I was more than once left thinking: why see another one? It's sort of how I feel about Damien Hirst's Complete Spot Paintings exhibition: that's lovely that you did so many, and great that somehow some gallery managed to collect them all in one spot (well, a few spots, full of spots, as it were...) but what's the point if you've already seen one? And then it came to me that that's exactly the point. One is enough, but we have a million of them. That's how major we are. So if you want to go to spot mecca, you go to the Gagosian. If you want to go experience temple-mania, you go to Burma. Some people, obviously, will disagree with this whole paragraph.

When we were in Mandalay, we went to visit the longest wooden bridge in the world. We hired rowboats to take us to the end, in the middle of a lake, and then we disembarked and walked the distance back to shore as the sun set. A sunset lasts longer than you think when you're traversing a rickety bridge.

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