Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nail Files: China Glaze Magnetix

I’ve been waiting for magnetic nail polish to arrive in HK but for some reason, it seemed to be taking forever to see it appear in Cher 2 so when I took an impromptu stop to the new store in CWB over the weekend, I was ecstatic to see that the China Glaze Magnetix collection had come in. After having a meh experience with their crackle, I figured I should be safe and only buy one bottle instead of going all gung ho with five like I did last time and I’m happy to say that I will definitely be returning to get more. I started with the golden metallic You Move Me and behold the results above.

So how does this work? Basically, my understanding is that these nail polishes are infused with iron powders that move when exposed to a magnet. So the China Glaze Magnetix uses magnetic force to create three different designs — starburst, repeating arrows or diagonal lines. It’s a bit hard to get the hang of and you basically apply one thick coat and then immediately place the magnet over the nail. To get a stronger effect, hold it steady for about ten seconds (this is the hard part since too close and the iron bits actually float to the magnet and you ruin your mani, too far and the magnetic field doesn’t work.) But give it a couple tries and you should be able to do it. The thing to keep in mind is to apply the coat of nail polish, add the magnetic effect before moving on to the next nail. Add a top coat and you’re set!

Available at Cher 2 for ($140 for a set including the magnet and nail polish, $90 for individual bottles of polish)

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