Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Watch Out

I rarely wear watches these days even though I have a number of them lying dormant in my drawer. Before the advent of my iPhone, I wore watches religiously and I can’t quite remember why I started depending on the phone for timekeeping. I suspect it’s because when I first got my iPhone back in its first iteration, it was a larger phone than my then Sony Erikson and so rather than putting it in my bag, I carried it around and it just became easier to check the time on the phone rather than my watch.

Anyway, this is a convoluted way to tell you that nowadays I treat watches as accessories and yet am still attracted to large watches such as this new brand that just launched in Hong Kong last month, Poseidon by Kienzle, a brand from Switzerland. I’m in awe of its summer collection where with one style, they managed to come up with 59 colour combinations in three sizes. Although there are so many options, I am finding that I’m more inclined towards their Lady style (the ones with the black background above)

Retail prices range from HK $1400 to HK$1800. Available at LCX at Harbour City

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