Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hair Inspiration: Kristen Stewart, Of All People...

I can't see that I ever recall Kristen Stewart having really cool hair, I think it's mostly the same all the time, no? But credit where it's due. And just a day after I posted about her boyfie, too (wait, are they on again? Off? Losing touch with celebrity gossip is the first sign of aging).

Anywhoo, for those of you looking to replicate what I heard some girls at the nail salon call "The Tina Leung" (The Alice Dellal, The Cassie, The Rihanna... whatever you like) without shaving, here's a new way. When I want to keep my hair swept to one side I've generally done a French braid from one ear following the bottom of the hairline so it's all neatly out of the way -- but French braiding it right across the scalp is another cool way to do it, albeit requiring higher skill level because you need it to look pretty well aligned or it all goes to pot. From what I can figure out by just looking, you need to part one side of your hair into sections, and braid each section two or three times before grabbing hair from the next section to incorporate, so you get the little snaky bits.

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