Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Concussed and Nonplussed

So poor V has been blogging all by her lonesome for the last week or so, mainly because I've been sitting in a sensory deprivation room known as... my bedroom. Smashed my head against the water wakeboarding last Sunday and ended up with a minor concussion, which had the effect of making me a dizzy, nauseous, emo and slightly stupid little bunny. (But not that stupid. Doctor: Where are you? Me: Uh... doctor's office? Doctor: VERY GOOD! GOOD GIRL! Now, draw a circle!) Anyway, so speaking from experience, we of the concussed are supposed to steer clear of bright screens -- TV, phone, computer -- and fast transportation (cars, busses, zoom zoom elevators)... which pretty much left me either in bed with my face in a vat of ice cream, "listening" to the TV, or shopping around Causeway Bay and Wanchai or anywhere else within walking distance of my place.

It ALSO MEANT that I missed out on everything I wanted from the Net a porter clearance sale. But... I'm back now, mostly all good except for minor headaches now and then and dizziness. So hopefully blogging will resume tomorrow. Wakeboarding will have to wait a few weeks, though.

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