Monday, July 8, 2013

Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme

NOT that I read the Twilight books (okay, I did). But not like I enjoyed them (er, yeah, I totally did). Or the movies (that, definitely, no. But I still watched them all. Maybe twice, maybe not.) And not that I find Robert Pattinson attractive in any way (I really don't. But maybe I wouldn't kick him out of bed either). But seeing him take "part in a foursome in various states of undress" for a series of Dior Homme ads might be kind of interesting, as Monsieur Pattinson has been signed to the brand for a three-year contract. Especially since they totally fudged the sex scenes (oops, I mean sex SCENE, singular) in the Twilight movies. Hopefully he won't be so pale anymore.

Image: The Telegraph

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